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More Than sprinklers and Irrigation...

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For the life of your landscape

Maxwell Irrigation, Inc, is a certified irrigation contractor with the Irrigation Association of America. We've been servicing southeast Michigan for over 30 years.

We do more than install and service the best irrigation systems which are backed by the only 5 year parts and labor warranty in the state of Michigan. Our systems promote the health of your landscape and the integrity of your home's architecture and your surrounding biomes.


You will absolutely love the work we do for you, whether it's installing new or servicing existing irrigation system. 


At Maxwell Irrigation, Inc. we take pride in our work. We build it to last.

Softscapes are nature's paintbrush. Our designs take into consideration your homes' natural setting and design. Intentional irrigation designs put water where and when is is needed.  

Maxwell Irrigation systems are designed to maximize the life of your hardscape - including your home. Over time, poorly deisgned systems can change the color and structural integrity of hardscape. 

Maxwell Irrigation takes pride in designing and installing irrigation systems that maximize efficiency, technology and resource conservation. 

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